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Farm fresh veggies, chicken, and eggs that you can feel good about feeding your family.

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Welcome to Vine and Virtue Farm

Vine and Virtue Farm is a small-scale family farm run by Shane and Kenna Kanneberg just west of Green Bay, Wisconsin. We believe that by working with nature, instead of against it, we can produce food that nourishes the soul.  

See the difference in the rich, orange yolks of our pastured layers, taste it in our sweet baby greens grown without pesticides or herbicides, and feel it when you visit our farm and get a moment to relax away from the hustle of every day life.

"Being a Vine and Virtue CSA Member meant that I could feel confident in the quality of what I was eating and feeding my family.  I can't wait for next year!"


"It always made me feel good to get my box and so excited to get home to try a new recipe!"


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