Welcome to Vine and Virtue Farm

Vine and Virtue Farm is a 9 acre family farm located just outside of Green Bay’s West side. Our farm is designed and operated using permaculture principles; we work with nature instead of against it. Instead of using heavy tillage, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers we choose a natural approach from the soil up. After all, healthy soil grows healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people!

Meet Your Farmers

Hi! We’re Shane and Kenna Kanneberg. We started Vine and Virtue Farm in 2022 out of a passion for REAL and really good food! There’s just something about sitting down at the dinner table and knowing where each ingredient came from that makes a meal more than just food, it’s an experience. Our goal is to share that experience with you so that mealtime is a time your family looks forward to every day.

Meet Kenna

Hi, I’m Kenna! Welcome to our website! Although I grew up on a conventional dairy farm, the idea of being a farmer was not what I had planned for my future profession. I was content to leave 80 hour work weeks to my father and enjoy my vacations.

Fast forward a few years, I was learning more about how our bodies are designed to eat whole foods, and how the most “whole” foods we could get were locally sourced. I was convinced. Shane and I became loyal patrons of the local farmers market, learning to cook in-season foods that we could find within our region of the state. When we bought a house, we knew we wanted to begin gardening… but have found that we’re actually interested in so much more in the homestead realm.

The past 5 years of learning have come with many questions, but the improvement in the taste of our food, the health of our bodies and the time we spend together in the garden and around the table have brought joy to our lives that is so worth it. I am learning to see and appreciate the beauty in Creation, and we’re so excited to share what we’re learning with you!

Meet Shane

Hey there, my name is Shane and I am so glad you’re checking out our farm! I never dreamed that I would be a farmer. I have a love for food and cooking and after Kenna introduced some interesting books into our lives about real food and how our industrial food system works, I was concerned. Several YouTube rabbit trails later, I found a video about Permaculture and healing the land while producing food, it just made sense. We started a garden in our community garden plot and I fell in love with growing food and knew that this is how I wanted to build a worthwhile life. Fast-forward a few years and here we are! Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure, I hope you have as much fun as we are!

Our Core Values

Care for the Earth

In the beginning, God created Man and Woman and gave them the charge to rule over what He had created.

Humans have been both terrible and great stewards of the land they’ve inhabited throughout generations.

We believe that if we are to care for God’s creation well we should take note of how His creation operates and attempt recreate natural systems in our backyard.  We will steward our little patch of land giving dignity to the smallest of creatures.

Care for People

We are relational beings made to be in community with one another.

We seek to make our farm a place where anyone can gather and feel at home, part of a family.

This means approaching others from a place of respect, curiosity, and desire to genuinely get to know them. Simply put, it means to love others as Jesus first loved us.

Fair Share

Part of stewarding our land well and caring for people means being generous with the gifts we have been given.

We will seek to care for those experiencing hardship in our community by finding ways to share the fruits of our labor.

We have donated produce to Golden House and Freedom House in the past and will can continue to with your generous support.  Learn more.

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