Green Bay’s BIGGEST Little Farm

For the past 3 years I’ve been telling people that I want to be a farmer.

Every time I tell someone I want to be a farmer, they ask, “What kind of farmer? Dairy, crop, livestock?”. Unfortunately I haven’t had a great way to explain the type of farming I want to do without diving into a ten minute monologue. After my over-complicated explanation finished most people would say, “Oh cool, like the Biggest Little Farm?”. Umm sure? I’d never heard of it.

Finally, after several more over-complicated conversations, comparisons to a farm I’d never heard of before, and the suggestion to watch the movie, I decided Kenna and I need to see “The Biggest Little Farm” movie; so we rented it. It was fantastic! …And better still, it gave me a way to communicate what we want to do with with our farm.


So what kind of farm is Vine and Virtue Farm?

We’re Green Bay’s BIGGEST little farm!

What does that mean? It means we have a lot of dreams that will one day work together to regenerate the land we steward all while connecting our community to their food and each other.

Here’s our list of what we want to integrate at the farm:

  • Pastured egg layers

  • Pastured meats

  • Market garden

  • Orchard for fresh eating and hard ciders

  • Cut-your-own Christmas Trees

  • Farm store

  • Silo Room Fire + Tap

  • Backyard beer garden

  • Silo Airbnb

  • and much, much more


You won’t want to miss this journey! Join us for every twist and turn that life may bring us at your local farm.

Thank you and God Bless!

Your farmers,

Shane & Kenna

This post was written by Shane Kanneberg.