What is CSA?

Feb 21
Written By Shane Kanneberg

“What the heck is CSA?” Maybe you’ve found yourself asking this question after talking with that crunchy friend who mentioned it….you know who I’m talking about, the one who’s buying organic produce and avoiding big box stores (okay, it’s us, we’re your crunchy friend). Regardless, the question remains, what is CSA?

Simply put, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture but there is so much more to what CSA is!


Here are some reasons why CSAs are so beneficial for your family, your farmer, and your community

  1. It provides your local farmer much needed stability

    The primary purpose of any CSA is to support local farmers by committing to them with an upfront payment for the coming season. This payment allows your farmer to better plan and prepare for the upcoming season as well as purchase the materials they need to grow the high-quality, farm fresh products you love. CSA is a beautiful partnership between you and your farmer where you each share the risks associated with farming but also in the bountiful harvests!

  2. You eat healthier

    Do your kids eat healthy? Do you eat healthy? When you are part of a CSA program you have access to some of the freshest, healthiest food available. And guess what… you’ve already paid in advance so there’s no reason not to take home some delicious farm fresh products and cook meals that are sure to put your family closer to your goal of eating healthy!

  3. You become more adventurous

    Chances are that if you’re a CSA member you’ll be exposed to some foods that you’ve never tried before giving you the opportunity to be an adventurous eater. You’ll also have full access to your farmer who definitely has some great ways to use that food, just ask us about our Chocolate Beet Bundt Cake!

  4. You protect the environment

    No shortcuts. That’s our approach to producing high-quality food. That means no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used on our farm. We’re feeding our family the same food we’re feeding your family. We will practice organic farming methods even though we are not certified organic. It all starts with creating healthy soil!

  5. You’ll know your farmer

    That’s right, if you’ve ever wanted to know exactly where your food comes from and who grew it CSA is your best option. You’ll see us weekly if you’re a member of our CSA. We hope to get to know you like a good friend and send you home with food that gets the whole family excited! Our farm is where you can come and feel like family and be a part of the local food movement.


Do you want in on these benefits? If so, click below to check out our current CSA membership options!

Until next time!

Your farmers,

Shane and Kenna